The Tenant Overdose Response Organizers (TORO) program operates in 40 private SRO hotels, providing peer support and naloxone training in the places drug users live in order to increase safety and comfort for those most directly affected by overdose. Tenants trained as TOROs offer a variety of services in their buildings, including Take Home Naloxone (THN) training and kit distribution; referrals to “safer supply”, cultural services, treatment, and other resources; tips on safer drug use; and harm reduction supply distribution. Program staff work alongside TOROs to ensure that 50% of residents in the program’s jurisdiction are trained in overdose response best practice. The TORO Program has been a success, both in addressing risk-associated substance use in private SROs and in identifying and addressing situations where “hidden” ODs and harms associated with illicit drug use may otherwise occur, as well as in terms of positive impact on the well-being and empowerment of tenants and peers.

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