The DTES SRO Collaborative (SRO-C) supports tenants living in privately-owned SROs to work together to improve living conditions through tenant-based initiatives (TBIs) including tenant committees, harm reduction, education, room cleaning and repairs, healthy food, cultural reconnection, and fire safety & emergency preparedness. We believe the biggest impact is achieved when tenants themselves are empowered to be at the centre of programming. When SRO tenants are given the opportunities and support, they can and do improve their buildings with the skills, knowledge, and passion that may not be present in top-down social service settings.

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Right to Remain Research Collective

Right to Remain is a research collective that supports tenant organizing for improved safety, cleanliness, affordability, and empowerment in Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The purpose of their work is to influence meaningful improvements to SRO housing conditions by supporting the direct organizing efforts of the DTES SRO Collaborative. The project is graciously hosted by, and located within the DTES SRO Collaborative. Key academic partners include the University of Victoria (Dr. Jeff Masuda) and Simon Fraser University (Dr. Nick Blomley).

See for information on Right to Remain’s various initiatives:

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