Heat Preparedness and Response

The SRO Collaborative developed a new tenant-based initiative focused on extreme heat preparedness and response. This program builds on our existing networks of tenants in SROs to ensure that information and supplies are circulated to the most vulnerable tenants living in privately owned SROs and Chinese Benevolent Society buildings in the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown.

From June to the end of August, SRO-C staff and tenant workers join together to distribute water and cooling kits in 30 privately owned SROs in the DTES and 10 SROs and Benevolent Society buildings in Chinatown. Seniors living in the 10 Chinatown buildings also receive culturally appropriate cooling foods and drinks. The tenants leading the initiative complete first aid training so they are equipped to respond in the event of heat-related health emergencies. On weeks when temperatures reached dangerous levels, tenant workers do wellness checks with other tenants in their buildings.

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