Fire Safety

This year, the SRO Collaborative launched a fire safety preparedness and response pilot program aimed at improving fire safety in 35 privately-owned and -operated SROs and Chinese Benevolent Society buildings in the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown.

The activities we are carrying out in this pilot include:

Safety training walkthroughs with tenants and Vancouver Fire Rescue Services
Fire drills / BBQs
Multilingual fire safety workshops
Multilingual fire safety surveys
Creating building maps
Assessment of Benevolent Society buildings with multilingual fire consultant

The pilot program builds on our extensive experience implementing tenant-based initiatives and our ability to motivate and mobilize SRO tenants, as well as landlords, into action. Our approach puts tenants at the centre of programming because we know that, in many ways, SRO tenants are the experts at identifying issues and solutions within SRO housing.

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