Regent Hotel

regent view of building

The Regent Hotel is located on East Hastings, near Main Street. 200 people live in the building.

A tenant who lives on the first floor, had a broken window when the SRO Collaborative door-knocked. Anyone could climb through the broken window and break in. The SRO Collaborative helped them complain to the city and they got their broken window replaced. They also have a hole under their sink where rats crawl out, many cockroaches, mould on her ceiling, and a flood occurred that flooded her whole room. Women’s screams can be heard every night from abuse.

We surveyed about 50 tenants for maintenance problems, but didn’t give the surveys to the landlord and the City because of the potential for backlash on the tenants. We have some tenant reps in the building that we meet with regularly and we are currently strategizing next steps.

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