Peer Advocate Program


The SRO Collaborative engages SRO tenants themselves to work alongside us, with training to be community organizers in their buildings.  They advocate for problems, help their neighbours who are facing mainatenance and safety concerns, meet together with other Tenant Organizers to share stories and support. They are superstars in the community!

Since we began, we have trained and supported eight Tenant Organizers to organize campaigns in their eight hotels and plan special events in the community, including a SRO Tenant Convention in 2015 and the city’s SRO Task Force in 2016. Some of their successes include launching the largest complaint against a landlord in BC History at the West Hotel, winning settlements, heat and hot water at the Lion Hotel (2016 is the first winter since 2011 Lion Hotel tenants have had these essential services), launching class action lawsuits at the Balmoral and Regent Hotels, which are notorious for the distinction of winning the “Crummiest Cockroach Haven” contest at our SRO Tenant Convention. We expect to be running ten campaigns in ten SROs in 2017!

Our Peer Advocates include:

Dan Zimmerman: West Hotel

Adam O Jama: Washington Hotel

Mohammad Valayati: Lion Hotel


Check out our Campaigns page for updates at each hotel.


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