What a Week

The SRO Collaborative was super busy for such a short week:

On Tuesday we marched with the National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis. It started outside of Insite near Hastings and Columbia and proceeded to the Art Gallery.

There were speeches, floats, banners, chanting and it was a dry and clear day. Some of the TOROs marched with us and carried an amazing ‘Clean Supply Now’ banner that was painted in our office.

Wednesday was the William’s family feast. It was a celebration of their family’s connection to their Kwakwakawakw culture. Our friend Robert blanketed his family members and was honoured by his community.

There was so much food, they fed the entire Downtown Eastside. A Log Drum was carved specially for the feast. The songs filled the hearts of those in attendance after the food filled their bellies.

Even with all of these events we were still able to get all of our outreach and organizing done for the week. We can’t get distracted from all of the important work we do. Luckily we get a bit of a break for Easter long weekend, but some f us were still busy at still more events.

The Right To Remain was at the Hanami Festival at Oppenheimer Park. The areas history of Japanese culture was on display with rice dishes and beautiful cherry blossom blooms. WePress was there hosting a stamp making workshop and we were able to put our Haiku skills to good use. The Right to Remain uses Haiku as a research methodology another way to record the lives of folk living in the Downtown Eastside.


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