The SRO Collaborative has launched into the Downtown Eastside!


West Hotel Tenant holding up evidence of rat infestation.

What have we been up to?

Since January, the SRO Collaborative has been helping the remaining tenants on fixed incomes to get compensation at the Clifton Hotel (1125 Granville) which is in the last stages of emptying out and renovating likely for higher income renters.  We are also at the West Hotel (488 Carrall) working to improve security, habitability and tenant rights. This is our organizing model – we will be taking on a building one at a time.  West tenants will file a joint complaint through the Residential Tenancy Branch soon. If successful, over $20,000 will go into the pockets of the tenants!

There are many vulnerable Chinese seniors living in SROs in the neighbourhood that are isolated and becoming increasingly impoverished. Chanel Ly, our Chinese advocate, will be coordinating tenant rights services for Chinese seniors in the neighbourhood and bringing young Chinese people to the neighbourhood to learn how to be advocates themselves.  As we organize, SRO tenants will be producing short films to share their stories through video. This project will be led by Indigenous filmmaker and community planner Wilson Mendes.


How can you get involved?

SRO tenants are invited to our strategy meetings every Saturday from 12 noon to 1:30pm at 253 E Hastings (next to the Ovaltine) starting on April 18, 2015!  We’ll be choosing our next buildings to work in soon!  Wheelchair accessible. Lunch will be provided.

Contact information: 604-646-8585,


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